The Babylon Rock Art Panel is well known in the Southwest Utah community.  It includes a number of interesting symbols including some representation of the Pochteca traders going through the area.  Evidence of the traders is also seen in Zion National Park to the east, and Red Desert Preserve to the west.


There have been two theories expressed on the 13 figures lined up - pochteca (or traders) and birds.  Note the picture at Petroglyph Canyon in Zion and at Red Cliffs Preserve.


Also in the Babylon area is a boulder with petroglyphs on three surfaces.  Babylon Rock is not well known and is not the easiest site to find, but it is a very interesting Rock Art display.  .


Specific location information will only be given for those sites with public information already available -  either by a government agency, in a book, or previously appearing on a website.  Specific location information will not be given on sites that are relatively unexplored or if the information is not already in the public domain.  We do intend to cooperate with validated researchers who are interested in sharing information.






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