Petroglyph Park


Petroglyph Park has been preserved with good signage and some education of the local citizens on the importance of Rock Art as a Historical Heritage or Asset.  If our decision making officials could manage more sites like this one, our Rock art would be much better off.  This site has many visitors daily, preventing potential damage because other visitors are likely to appear at any time.  Criminals are reluctant to negatively impact a site when they know that they might be caught and are aware of the penalties.  A good Example for the community  - an example of how to preserve a site. 


Specific location information will only be given for those sites with public information already available -  either by a government agency, in a book, or previously appearing on a website.  Specific location information will not be given on sites that are relatively unexplored or if the information is not already in the public domain.  We do intend to cooperate with validated researchers who are interesting in sharing information.






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